This page shows how to use the ReportViewer control to display the content of FlexReport and SSRS report from C1 Web API Report Services, and the content of ActiveReports report from GrapeCity ActiveReports Web Services.

The C1 Web API Report Services is an API which can render and export FlexReport and SSRS report. It uses C1FlexReport to render the FlexReport, and uses C1SSRSDocumentSource to connect with SSRS server and render the SSRS report. Please see How to Set Up C1 Web API Report Services for details.

To show the report content in Wijmo ReportViewer control set the following properties:

  1. serviceUrl: The url of the report services. For example:
    • C1 Web API Report Services: ''.
    • GrapeCity ActiveReports Web Services: ''.

  2. filePath: The full path to the FlexReport definition file, SSRS report or ActiveReports report on the server. For example:
    • FlexReport: 'ReportsRoot/Formatting/AlternateBackground.flxr'.
    • SSRS report: 'c1ssrs/AdventureWorks/Company Sales'.
    • ActiveReports report: 'Reports/RDL Reports/Banded List Control/District Sales.rdlx'.

    For FlexReport and SSRS report the 'ReportsRoot' and 'c1ssrs' are the keys of the report providers which are registered at server for locating specified report.

  3. reportName: (only for FlexReport) The report name defined in the FlexReport definition file. For example, 'AlternateBackground' for the report named 'AlternateBackground' in the AlternateBackground.flxr file.
Selected ActiveReports report:
Selected FlexReport:
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